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The artwork shown here originates from my photo series LANDSCAPES PHOTOGRAPHY.

My tools aren’t brushes, charcoal or spraypaint but a scanner, my mac, a magic mouse, a wacom tablet, the newest photoshop version and most important: my intuition and the memories of that moment, when I pushed the wire release to capture the picture.

Each piece of art is made from one single photo – no composing, no algorithms, no photoshop filters. Made by myself whithout a mac-operator or anyone else involved in the process.

My artwork is based on countless steps, that even I can’t reproduce after I finished a piece.

Every piece of art is unique, even if it only exist on my Mac (thank god for backups). In case you wonder: one file takes up to 3.5 GB, before I finalize it.

The artwork you can see here dates from 2012 to 2014. Once I finished a piece of work, I didn’t go back to change a thing about it – what’s done is done.

The editions are limited to an amount of 10 prints (including different sizes). They can be ordered in DIN A3 format up to 250 cm side length and are numbered consecutively.

The format may vary upon agreement. For further information please contact: info(at)

I divided the gallery in two collections:




I’m currently working on a third collection.

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